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Grinberg Method Trainer  |  Macrobiotic Consultant

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My work and my own experience have made me interested in food as a fundamental pillar for the well-being of the person. In my life I try to surround myself with stimuli that help me boost my energy: the place where I live, my friends, my professional colleagues, my family, etc. Food is a basic, essential and continuous stimulus.

The Macrobiotic diet is based on principles of balance and harmony. Our constitution, the place where we live, the climate, our level of activity, etc. determine our nutritional needs. The macrobiotic diet leads us to satisfy these needs through a simple, natural and energetic diet.

In the individual consultations I offer, we observe how you can use food to obtain more energy and well-being. This includes considering not only the type of food you eat, but your habits, your routines, your "addictions", etc.

It’s recommended -1 or 2 months after the initial consultation-, to make a follow-up consultation where we will analyze the results obtained and review the guidelines.

Consultations can be online. 

Languages: spanish, catalan, english


Nutritional consultation - 1 ½ hours (approximate duration) -  80€

Nutritional consultation + Body work – 2 hours – 100€

Follow-up (between 1/2h – 1h) – 50€

Nutritional consultations (Macrobiotic guidelines)

Personal health is inseparable from planetary health


Michio Kuchi

Alex Jack

"The Macrobiotic Path to Total Health"

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