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Grinberg Method Trainer  |  Macrobiotic Consultant

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Retreat, recharge, refocus



Mas Juncal 17732

Sant Llorenç de la Muga (Girona)

Tel: +34 636-211-447

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What is it?

The Weekend Retreat is an activity created to focus on a personal issue that you want to work on, offering you the best conditions to achieve a change.

During the weekend you will receive:

  • 4 individual sessions of 1 hour, 2 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. 

  • Personal training guidelines to perform between sessions.

  • Acommodation and access to our sauna

The Weekend Retreat allows you to focus on a topic - chosen by the participant himself - with the intensity and structure necessary to create a clear change.

It breaks with the routine of the weekly sessions by creating a very defined space of time where we want to achieve a result. For many people it is precisely the attitude that this structure requires that leads them to achieve their goal.

The individual sessions are combined with a diet designed to support the level of concentration, silence and well-being in the body.

The activity is carried out in a natural environment, in Sant Llorenç de la Muga (Alt Ampordà) that offers you direct contact with nature and a private space of silence.  

What topics can I cover in the individual sessions?

Any topic where you want to get a change. 

Some examples: 

•   Discomfort or physical pain such as back pain, headache, poor digestion, menstrual pain, etc. (Important: for a physical condition it is essential to have previously checked it with a doctor or specialist)
•   Emotional situations: dealing with a separation, repeatedly falling into a certain mood (anger, jealousy, fear), stress, etc.
•   Prepare for an exam, test, carry out a plan - working on the difficulties and emphasizing your qualities.  

For whom?

It is suitable for anyone regardless of age or previous experience.

In case you have a serious illness or physical condition, your doctor should be informed. 

You can come by yourself, leaving your usual routine in this way and having more time for yourself.  You could also decide to come with your partner, a friend or family and enjoy their company between the sessions of the program.

​ The language of the sessions can be Spanish, Catalan or English.


You choose the dates to make your individual retreat. 

On the registration form, write down the days you want to make your retreat. We will confirm its availability as soon as possible.  


Mas Juncal (Sant Llorenç de la Muga).​

How much?


€ 410 - includes 4 individual sessions, accommodation for one night and 4 meals and sauna.  

It's possible to add days, change the number of sessions and/or the number of meals. Prices will go according to your choices. 

* Important - to get to the place you need your own vehicle. If you do not have it, you can arrive by train to Figueres and we will come to pick you up, with an additional charge of € 15 each way.  

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