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Grinberg Method Trainer  |  Macrobiotic Consultant

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About The Walkabout

In March 2015, after a trip of several months in Australia, my husband Ian and I decided to move to the countryside, looking for tranquility and a more direct contact with nature. We've been living in the Penedés for five years and very recently we've moved to a beautiful stone house in Alt Empordà.

What started as an alternative to noise, crowding and high prices in the city, has become our passion over time. Working in the forest - removing branches, cleaning the undergrowth, recovering the centuries-old stone walls - reveals new corners every day, full of beauty and stillness.

The Walkabout project was forged during these days in the forest; It started with the intention of sharing our experience.

Walkabout is the rite of transition between adolescence and adulthood. For several months, young people roam the desert in an act of crossing their boundaries and contacting their true selves.

We all need a walkabout time. We suffer - physically, mentally or emotionally - when we are stuck at a certain moment in our lives and do not see beyond the framework offered by that moment. We need a time to expand the point of view from which we perceive the world and to expand our capabilities.

“Thewalkabout” wants to support the process of change that we need at certain times in our lives. 


On this website you will find various activities that go in this direction. They are based on learning through the body, being attentive to what we eat in a way that enhances our energy and wellbeing, and having a direct contact with nature.

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