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Women workshops




Muchas gracias por este gran taller! No tenía ni idea de lo constreñido que tenía mi cuerpo y ahora soy capaz de percibir el impacto positivo de los ejercicios de movimiento que hicimos durante las clases. Es fantástico el estilo de enseñanza de Beatriz, hace que sea fácil de entender. En varias ocasiones me he sorprendido con algunas de las relaciones que descubría entre algunas partes de mi cuerpo. Ahora mi menstruación es menos dolorosa y siento también que he aprendido nuevas herramientas que llevaré conmigo el resto de mi vida. 


Psicóloga y Ama de casa

Nunca había hecho algo similar y me sentía un poco rara. Pero después de un tiempo empecé a concentrarme más en mi propio cuerpo y sentir una especie de excitación del movimiento. Después del taller he terminado con una gran sensación de relajación, de presencia y vitalidad. También he descubierto que puedo recrear estas sensaciones fuera del taller.Acabé el curso sintiéndome con más energía y con más vitalidad. 



Me gustó mucho hacer el taller de mujeres con Beatriz. Siento que me conozco en un nivel más profundo. También ahora tengo un grupo de ejercicios que puedo hacer cuando tengo dolor y entonces noto que el dolor desaparece. Me ha ayudado también a tener sensaciones nuevas que no conocía. Es una experiencia fantástica, como tener vacaciones de mi misma!

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Why a project aimed at women?

In my professional career I have met, guided, and walk a part of the way of many women. Over the past 30 years I have enjoyed a profession that has allowed me to travel through different countries approaching the lives of women of different ages, social backgrounds and nationalities.

Women have a great creative force. In this force lies our ability to create life. We have great qualities for learning, empathy, flexibility and persistence.

This vital force is seriously influenced by an education and traditions that lead us to perceive ourselves and our possibilities in a specific and therefore limited way.

I observe repeatedly in women who come to me with problems with menstruation, fertility, menopause, etc. that the basis of these dysfunctions is in the conflict between what women are by nature and what they have learned to be by education.

The workshops I propose are aimed at all women who want to reconcile, respect and support their feminine condition.

With these workshops I want to give respect to the fact of being a woman and provide tools that help us become aware of the freedom we can achieve if we are an active part in our own well-being. In them I provide some simple guides based on physical training and guidelines on food to have a clear, intense and direct experience of our creative energy

Workshop Structure


The workshop consists of two differentiated blocks. 

One is addressed to learn and strengthen our low belly, pelvis, hips and legs through different exercises of movement and breathing. 


The second block is aimed at food, with a more theoretical part where we learn guidelines to understand what foods suit us at different times of our life or at different times of our menstrual cycle and another more playful where we cook and eat together.


The workshop starts on Friday at 8pm with an introduction before dinner and ends on Sunday after lunch.

Whom for?


For all women who want to feel good about themselves.


For women who suffer from different physical conditions related to any of their life cycles: menstruation, fertility, menopause, etc.


No prior knowledge is necessary to participate in the workshop.



The place where we do the workshop directly contributes to facilitate a more intense experience. We do the workshops in a residential area in the Penedés area for a weekend. The stay is done in a tipi that allows us a much more direct contact with nature. Many of the exercises are performed outdoors.

Masia Can Pla 65, 08738 Pontons Barcelona

Important: Due to covid-19 preventive measures, at the moment we are not going to offer group activities. The workshops will be individual, or for a group of maximum 4 women who know each other and want to do the workshop together.
The workshops will be personalized according to the interests of the participants.


One person: €340

Group (from 3 women): € 200 each.

It includes the workshop and accommodation (with meals) from Friday night to Sunday afternoon.

Next workshop:

Choose your dates and contact us. If they are available you can make your reservation.

Report on the Grinberg Method Women's Classes

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