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Grinberg Method Trainer  |  Macrobiotic Consultant

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About me

Throughout my professional career I have been focused on enhancing the possibilities we have as human beings, through greater knowledge and attention to our body and the space around us.


My first professional interest went to the field of movement and expression. For 9 years I trained in various disciplines related to body expression - theatrical methods, butó dance and others-. I was - and still am - fascinated by the way a person can develop and grow through movement. Letting the here and now move through the body - one of the pillars I learned in butó dance - was one of the great findings that made me understand that healing - in the sense of experiencing and expressing our potential- It inevitably passes through the connection we have with our surroundings.

All this led me to be interested in the body from the angle of health. Between 1989 and 1997 I studied Reflexology, Naturopathy and the Grinberg Method.


In the last 25 years I have been developing this method with the people with whom I have worked, both clients and students. I founded and directed the Grinberg Method school in Barcelona for 10 years and I have taught courses and workshops in various European countries and in Australia.

My work and my own experience made me interested in food as another fundamental pillar for the well-being of the person. I was very interested in the macrobiotic line and trained as a macrobiotic consultant.


A few years ago, together with Ian - my husband - we decided to leave the city and today we live in a beautiful place in Alt Empordà. The Thewalkabout project has begun here, as a way of offering elements that in my experience have greatly supported and enriched the personal process of many people including myself. 

I understand personal development as a wandering that continually enriches and surprises us.

 It implies putting into play all our capabilities and broadening the point of view from which we look at the world. Getting lost means finding and hiding means exposing yourself.

(Bea Espejo - journalist - in an interview to Perejaume)

I understand personal development as a wandering that continually enriches and surprises us.
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