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About Macrobiotic Nutricion

The Macrobiotic approach to health begins in Asia after thousands of years of experience, observation and research. Far Eastern medicine understands that the body is an organism that has the ability to heal itself when it is treated correctly. It is designed naturally to achieve a special balance, called homeostasis by western scientists. Macrobiotics is more responsible for stimulating the body's natural desire to feel good and for its ability to heal itself, than for fighting disease symptoms. In this process of self-healing, every aspect of life has a lot to do. The type of physical activity, emotional state, family relationships and spiritual attitude are examples of these aspects that influence the healing process.

Diet plays an essential role if we want to have a good blood quality and can be easily controlled. Macrobiotics has been closely related to the use of a diet to establish and maintain health as well as the latest trends related to disease prevention. The principles of the Macrobiotic diet are also in line with the nutritional requirements prescribed by the World Health Organization and other government institutions. It is associated with the modern idea that you have to eat in a way that minimizes saturated fats, simple sugars, refined carbohydrates and protein of animal origin, and suggests providing adequate calories, unsaturated fats, protein plant origin and fiber consumption, mineral and vitamins

The philosophy of Yin and Yang is often used to classify food according to their growth patterns and the season of the year in which they develop, the way in which it nourishes the body, the medium in which they have grown and the state in which it is once cooked. This understanding of food improves modern nutritional analysis and allows a more creative approach when choosing foods. It is this dynamic method of classification that makes Macrobiotics unique. This system has the flexibility to adapt to personal needs based on age, sex, activity, the environment that surrounds it or physical condition.

Keys to enjoy a good diet is that food   will be well cooked, that will be attractive to the view, delicious taste and that cover the nutritional needs.  Cooking well is a very important part of the macrobiotic lifestyle. 

Cooking should not only take in consideration the taste and presentation. Cooking well implies that the digestion of food should be improved to the maximum. Although some nutrients are lost when cooking, many foods are not digested well if they are not cooked properly. Cooking macrobiotically ensures that the food you have chosen is used nutritionally optimally. 

If you are not used to cooking in this way it would be interesting to do some macrobiotic cooking classes or following some of the online courses that I offer on this website 

Text based on text by Daniel Mayor - ESMACA

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