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Body work – One-on-one sessions


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One-on-one process is a systematic learning experience that starts by defining your aim. This could range from ridding yourself of chronic back pain or facing the inability to manage your finances, to realizing a business project or creating a change in relationships. The learning then focuses on getting to know and stopping the obstacles that stand in your way, and developing the specific qualities and abilities that are needed.

Through your body, you will learn to recognize the accumulation of past experience and how it is expressed in who you are today. The process will incorporate learning how to deal with fear, to allow the experience of emotional and physical pain, the exercising of your will, the challenge to your personal discipline to train and the readiness to let go of what you already know. All of these would be combined to raise your level of attention and energy in order to move toward your wishes.


You are an active participant in the process. The more you invest yourself and your willingness to learn, the greater will be your ability to reach your goals.

One-on-one process is a series of 1-hour sessions in which the client meets regularly with a qualified practitioner.

During a session, the practitioner draws from over 200 techniques of touch and incorporates breath, movement, verbal instructions and description tools to fit to each individual client.


Initially, you learn the basic lessons of letting go of effort in your muscles, getting to know different possibilities of breathing, quieting your mind and more. This leads to a heightened level of paying attention through the body—noticing and allowing physical sensations that were not previously apparent. 


As the process progresses, you will go into greater depth and learn to incorporate into your physical experience the emotions, thoughts, sensations and life history that are fundamental aspects of what would be needed to stop.

Whenever we stop a routine, we have an opportunity to meet something new; different options and possibilities become available. We free up the energy we were using to maintain that habit and can now choose where we want to direct it.

The overall intention behind any process is that you apply in life the skills you have learned and practiced during the sessions.

The outcome of choosing to not continue a routine can be experienced on many levels, including greater agility and physicality, a richness of emotions, more precision and determination of action, and enhanced clarity and open-mindedness. Our body is then able to find a greater sense of equilibrium, health and freedom.

The starting point of a learning process can be a physical condition such as digestive disorders, headaches, breathing difficulties, etc. Other focuses can range from difficulties in having and expressing certain emotions, to indecision, problems of time management or any other experience that detracts from your life. When it is a wish you would like to bring into reality, it could include any kind of project, a quality you seek or a talent you want to enhance.

Barcelona: Centre Salut Barcelona

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Girona: Mas Juncal

17732 Sant Llorenç de la Muga

Milan (Italy)

Body Learning Studio

Online sessions: For advanced clients or people who made a previous process

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