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Stopping Movement Training

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Movement is one of our basic needs.

It is an integral part of our health and well-being.


The way we move is the way we express our intentions and interact with our surroundings.

There are many factors in our modern culture that obstruct our natural movement. Our work is frequently sedentary and the environment in which we live is based on obtaining comfort, with which movement becomes increasingly repetitive and scarce.

In addition to these factors, our movements are often limited by cultural codes,  restrictions and personal habits.

Stopping Movement Training was created from these observations. Its goal is to free our movement and regain the rich range of movement possibilities that our body naturally has and needs.

We move with music, respecting defined parameters that include different parts of the body, different speeds and sizes or levels of effort.


Deliberately stopping movement by following these parameters leads to an experience of unrestricted, free and power-filled movement.

Video: Grinberg Method- Stopping Movement Training (subtitles in 8 languages)

Days,  schedules and price

2 weekly classes of 1:30 hours during the first fortnight of July 2017.

Days andHours : Tuesday 4, Thursday 6, Tuesday 11, Thursday 13 

July 7 to 8:30 p.m.

Price : 4 classes voucher  € 50 

OFFER:  Bring a friend who does not know the Stopping Movement Training and who comes for free to the first 2 classes.

Stopping Movement Training from September:


Open class: September 26

Start: Tuesday, October 3 from 7 to 8:30 p.m.


Tel: +34 636-211-447

Vallirana 30,  5th

Barcelona, CP  08006

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+34 636 211 447

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