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Stopping Movement Training

Movement Laboratory

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With Stopping Movement Training we want to enjoy a free and genuine movement. A movement that transcends our daily movement and surprises us. We leave our usual "I" and experience another "I" more alive, vibrant, fresh, and present.


We focus on the movement of the body and its multiple possibilities and also on the voice as a living movement in the body that continuously seeks the way to flow.


And of course we are going to continue investigating in that wonderful movement in our body that is breathing.


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Video: Grinberg Method- Stopping Movement Training (subtitles in 8 languages)

From January to April 2017 a group of actors joined the regular classes of Beatriz Fernández to check the effects of Stopping Movement Training on acting work.


Jonas Fisher, the initiator of this project, has written a thesis for his graduation in IAB (Institut of the Arts Barcelona)

Here is the result of this study.

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