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My project Thewalkabout wants to support the process of change that we need at certain times in our lives. My greatest satisfaction is being a hand or a guide to that extraordinary wisdom that exists in each of us.


On this website you will find various activities that go in this direction. They are based on learning through the body, being attentive to what we eat in a way that enhances our energy and wellbeing, and having a direct contact with nature.

Take a weekend to focus on a specific topic and create a change through one-on-one body work sessions. The activity is carried out in a farmhouse in the Penedès in a residential regime.
Take two days to create a change!

The retreats are individual. Contact us to make your reservation on the dates you prefer (subject to availability)

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Weekend Retreat

The day of is a day that I offer to give information about my work. They are usually free face-to-face meetings lasting between 30 minutes and 1 hour.


Currently, as a preventive measure covid-19, I offer these sessions via skype or whatsapp.


Next Day of:

Wednesday September 16


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Day of...

New edition of the Women's Workshops but this time in more direct contact with our earth element. Both the stay and most of the exercises will be done in the Teepee or outdoors and we will also dedicate a big time - theoretical and practical - to adequate nutrition for each cycle in a woman's life


Due to covid-19 preventive measures, the workshops will be individual, or for a group of women who know each other (maximum 4) and want to do it together. The workshops will be personalized according to the interests of the participants and may include one-on-one bodywork sessions.

You can book the dates that suit you best, as long as there is availability.


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Women's Workshop
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