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My project Thewalkabout wants to support the process of change that we need at certain times in our lives. My greatest satisfaction is being a hand or a guide to that extraordinary wisdom that exists in each of us.


On this website you will find various activities that go in this direction. They are based on learning through the body, being attentive to what we eat in a way that enhances our energy and wellbeing, and having a direct contact with nature.

Have a weekend to focus on a specific topic and create a change through the work of individual sessions. The activity is carried out in a Penedès farmhouse in a residential regime.

Take two days to create a change!



March 14th / 15th 2020

Nueva edición de los Talleres de Mujeres pero esta vez en contacto más directo con nuestro elemento tierra. Tanto la estancia como la mayor parte de los ejercicios los realizaremos en el Tipi o al aire libre y además dedicare-mos un espacio - teórico y práctico - a la alimentación. 

Próximo taller:

28 y 29 de marzo

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February 15th,  2020

Stopping Movement Training 
Outdoor Movement

The Day of ... is an open day for you to know my work. For a free appoinment you have to book it in advance.


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February 19th, 2020

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