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After a year of planning / building / dreaming, the idea is now a reality. Yes, we have a teepee in our forest. Made in a sustainable way with almost all materials sourced from the forest or recycled.

As a basic extension of immersion in natural beauty, you can now stay in this cabin in the woods and wake up to a serene retreat. A magical and comfortable atmosphere and a hot shower just a few steps away make it even more special.


We have been using it and we love our teepee. Now we believe that it is time to share it with you, for when you need a “retreat time”, a break from the stress of everyday life, live an adventure in direct contact with nature, a place to relax and contemplate or an inspiring place to work in your creative project.


Walking in the woods (Shinri-Yoku: Forest Baths) has been shown to lower blood pressure, strengthen the immune system, reduce hormones related to stress and the incidence of heart attacks. It seems that trees secrete phytoncides, which are a series of natural oils that they emit into the air to protect themselves from insects, fungi and bacteria. When we inhale them through the breath, we benefit from their defense system.

At Teepeepontons we want to offer you the possibility of immersing yourself in the atmosphere of the forest with all the benefits for your mind and your life experience.



Thank you very much to all of you who have helped us to start this project. Friends, family and "workawayers", your energy has made it happen.

Choose how you want to enjoy your time:

*Note: The teepee and its facilities will be just for you. It's not shared between different groups of people. 


Walkabout Retreat

A weekend, an adventure, the forest, healthy food, relaxing sauna... just do it! 

Included is:

Accommodation in the teepee for two nights | breakfast & access to private kitchen | access to a private bathroom | 1 sauna | excursions planning


1 person: 100€

2 people: 180€

Kids (2 to 10 years) 50 €

(less than 2 years) free

More information and reservations >>


Artists Retreat

We are passionate about Land Art. We want to support your creative process by offering you the best conditions. A forest studio, healthy food, one-on-one body work sessions that will enhance your creativity, and relaxing saunas.

Included is:

Accommodation in the teepee for one week | breakfast & access to private kitchen | access to a private bathroom | 2 sauna | excursions planning | access to a studio & wifi | one-one-one sessions of body work (optional)


1 person - 310€

2 people - 500€

* Discounts from one week of stay

This price doesn't include the one-on-one body work sessions

1 hour session: 70€


More information and reservations >>


Hiking & Cycling

Do you want to have a beautiful and wild base camp to make your routes from there? Mountain road bikes... Wow! Walk short, or a bit more, or a lot more. Just do it!

Included is:

Accommodation in the teepee for a weekend (minimum two nights) | access to private bathroom | breakfast & access to kitchen | 1 sauna  | excursions planning


1 person - € 100

2 people - € 180

Children (from 2 to 10 years) € 50

(less than 2 years) free

More information and reservations >>


Intensive Personal Work Retreat 

The objective of this retreat is to deal with a certain subject in the person's life. We will do it basically through body work in individual sessions and personal training. All this backed by contact with nature, sauna and energetic food.

Included is:

Accommodation in the teepee for a weekend (Friday night to Sunday afternoon) | 4 sessions of body work | access to private bathroom | 1 sauna | breakfast, lunch & dinner 



Full withdrawal:

From Friday night to Sunday afternoon € 400

From Saturday morning to Sunday night € 360

Accompanying prices:

Adults € 100

Children (from 2 to 10 children) € 50

(less than 2 children) free

More information and reservations >>


Bespoke retreat

Anything you want, in your time frame!

You can choose:

Length of your stay | Number of meals | sauna | body work sessions | excursions planning



The price will be based on what you choose. Ask for your budget!

More information and reservations >>

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