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Grinberg Method Trainer  |  Macrobiotic Consultant

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What to do?

The primary purpose of your teepee retreat is to take a break from your routine, pay attention to the restorative nature of the forest and relax.


The importance of simplicity, natural spaces and human contact have become more and more obvious to us.

We are experiencing a paradigm shift and, with it, the way we think about our use of free time and vacations. Our project had already anticipated these needs and today, more than ever, we believe that it is an ideal option.

We offer you a space for calm, healthy food, saunas, body work sessions and walks in the forest.



Our Forest Walks


We have been enjoying the benefits of walking through the forest for some years now and also sharing the experience with you through the activities we offer.

Numerous studies have shown that walking in the woods lowers blood pressure, strengthens the immune system, reduces hormones related to stress and the incidence of heart attacks. Trees secrete phytoncides, which are a series of natural oils that they emit into the air to protect themselves from insects, fungi, and bacteria. When we inhale them through the breath, we benefit from their defense system.

One of the pioneers in the work of scientifically demonstrating the benefits of "forest baths" has been Yoshifumi Miyazaki, anthropologist and deputy director of the Center for Environment, Health and Field Studies at Chiba University (Tokyo).
"We have spent 99.9% of our evolution in natural environments. Our physiological functions are still adapted to those environments and on a day-to-day basis we can achieve a feeling of well-being if we synchronize our rhythms with those of the environment."

We cannot agree more with Mr. Miyazaki. The sensation of walking through the forest brings us the fullness and serenity of one who has been traveling for a long time and finally finds the way back home.


We have opened several paths that allow us this immersion in the forest. Paths that pass between pines, holm oaks and oaks, historic stone walls, spectacular viewpoints, dry riverbeds of streams dotted with rocks.


You can ask for a guided walk of 1 or 2 hours. This walk consists of a walk combined with different breathing and awareness exercises so that you can make this dive in a deeper way.


 And you can just explore, ask us for directions, take a map or download and use GPS tracked trails.



Other things to do


We are nestled in the hills of the El Penedes wine region of Catalunya, you don’t have to leave our forest at all, but there is lots to do around the area also.


Here are some ideas. From longer walks through our rolling hills of vineyards and almond groves, or treks in more challenging mountains, or cycling (either road or trail), or short drives to places of interest.


You can just explore, ask us for directions, take a map or download and use GPS tracked trails.



Walk or cycle

  • Ermita de San Juan

  • Pontons  village

  • Fonts de Les Dous (with a natural swimming hole)

  • Foix river

  • A cute family run ecological wine cellar

  • Marmella or Selma (abandoned villages)

  • Sant Martí Sarroca

  • Aiguaviva


Short Drives

  • Santes Creus monastery

  • Montserrat

  • Torres wine cellar

  • Other Modernista wine cellars

  • Waikiki beach

  • Barcelona

  • Sitges

  • Tarragona


Local Restaurants

  • El Papa , Pontons

  • Els Caçadors, Pontons

  • El Celler d’ Aguaviva

  • 0 Kms  , Torrellas de Foix

  • Cal Tres Pams, Vilobi

  • Asador Argentino, Sant Martí Sarroca

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